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Learn about our CEMS system maintenance in Bakersfield, CA

To track your emissions, your monitoring system features a variety of delicate parts that perform under constant stress. Without proper maintenance work, you increase the risk of those parts breaking down. RAP Services, Inc. provides monthly CEMS system maintenance plans in the Bakersfield, CA area. We’ll catch costly breakdowns before they happen.

To take advantage of our monthly services, call 661-333-9575 now. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services. We can be there for you at any time.

We’ll check your whole system thoroughly

We’ll check your whole system thoroughly

When it comes to your CEMS system, you can count on RAP Services for the proper maintenance work. Our services include:

  • Full system diagnostic checks
  • Precision analyzer calibration
  • Sample manifold flow and pressure adjustments
  • Preventive part replacements
  • Spare part inventory verification
  • Quarterly audits
  • Emission data reviews

Reach out to us today to schedule monthly CEMS system maintenance. We’ll make sure your emissions are being tracked by the right monitoring equipment.